Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saving A Local Entertainment Venue

Remember the days when hot summer weekends were spent in the great outdoors with speakers hanging off the open windows of your car? Maybe a date...maybe a family outing. The Drive-In Theater was an event to look forward to after a week of work, or a way to let mom and dad enjoy a movie while the kids played on the swings up front, not far from the screen, as I remember it. Not to mention the snacks at the concession stand, popcorn just as tasty as you would find at the walk-in movie theater...

With a limited few theaters still remaining in the United States and the changes of the film industry to Digital  from 35mm there are expensive new cameras to be purchased. Most theaters that are still open are small venues that don't have large budgets to cover huge expenses such as a new camera, many are faced with the possibility of having to shutter their gates.

It has come to my attention on the local news, now on Facebook about the opportunity for these entertainment businesses to get the chance to win new movie projectors, the project is known as Project Drive-InThe new equipment will be awarded to the Drive-Ins receiving the most votes. Others vying for the projector can be found here

I would like to be instrumental in helping to save the Valle Drive-In of  Newton, IA. one of four still operating in the State and the longest running since it opened back in 1949. The  Drive-In is located  25 miles from home; which I have visited with our daughter and her family on a couple of different occasions. A nice place for tail-gating if you can get the gang together before the movie starts.

Please vote now! Four more Winners will be announced on September 23, 2013. Let's see if we can get Valle Drive-In to be among them. Thank you for your help!