Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow for the Day

I know I spoke of Changes to get things going again, but one thing that will never Change around this Blog is the topic of deer. They have always been citizens of the Timber,before my time and will be long after I'm gone. Having the opportunity to live here is a blessing!

Time to EAT!
We got a new blanket of snow earlier this week.

Movin' on Over!
I was watching out the window as the snowflakes started coming down a few at a time. Eventually, the size got bigger and they started peppering down in a concentration distorting a clear view of everything within sight of the house. .

This fawn stopped to browse a Honey Suckle bush on it's way down the hill.

I'm enjoying this time of year when  groups of deer from far and wide gather together in our edge habitat.

In recent years the groups were small in numbers, I didn't see them mingle as I had witnessed in the past.
Severe Winters.and hunting both took the population count down. This year has been different...

Next Spring should be a great time to watch the new crop of fawns bounce and play like children in the pasture.

Hi There!!!
 I must not have been quiet enough as I switched rooms to continue watching out the windows before the deer disappeared,as they looked for a more sheltered spot.

 Love when I can get the fauna of our fields to focus on the photographer...

More thoughts later!

Have a blessed day...