Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fall Catch at Hendrickson Marsh

Fall is a wonderful season on Hendrickson Marsh...A place where I've spent minutes and some-days hours watching different types of life in motion, or setting suns. This particular post is focused on November 11,2015.

My plans are to write many posts in retrospect because of so much I have missed - telling a story and sharing pictures that might add maybe a bit of wonder to an  existence that goes by so fast you can't get out there on your own to see...

Ah! You say...a disturbed circle of water on the edge of a Marsh?!?

How interesting!

Well, I guess it's time to start telling you just why there happens to be a disturbed circle of water on the Edge of the Marsh.

What do you suppose could be riling up the water so much?
                                                                                                                  Out of the middle of the roiling water rose up a waterfowl - One of many Pied-billed Grebes taking shelter for a brief time and feeding before moving south for the winter.

 I would go out on a ripple and say they had decided to do a little catch and release fishing.

You know that little Blue Gill just kept trying to roll away with every wiggle it could muster to escape the jaws of the persistent,hungry birds

In the words of the dueling Grebes...Don't forget me! I know you caught the fish but for heavens sakes keep a hold  of the wiggler or I will certainly have lunch.

A back and forth chase across the marsh continued for a considerable amount of time in the life of a dangling fish.                                                            
Pursuit was futile - control remained with the darker of the two Grebes.                                                                  
It made me wonder what type of relationship the two birds might have minus the obvious draw.

The afternoon sun was coming to an end and I didn't see other birds so clearly embroiled with a task at beak.

I will have to say the weather was certainly warm for November, allowing for an enjoyable viewing experience on my part.
As the controlling Grebe turned tail to head in the opposite direction the follower was heard to say...Let's play  some more!

NO ...Got to go!

The Grebe was so compelled to make a run for it at this point - I lost sight of  whether or not it actually was able to swallow any part of the Blue Gill that had created such a feeding frenzy.

 Olly, Olly Oxen Free was not going to  work in this situation...

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