Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We Celebrate Today

What a Wonderful day the Lord gave us to become Man and Wife! On June 28,1975, at Noble Center United Methodist Church, we stood before God,our officiating Pastor ,friends and family.

We shared our vows 42 years ago with the people that were/are important to us in our lives. Our paths with some haven't been crossed since that time. However, the memories still remain.

Our family is grown now...We have just experienced the High School Graduation of our oldest Grandchild. All of our life events continue to add to our relationship.

I'm honored to share with you and to still call him my Husband and Helpmate given to me by God...Corey Butcher.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Let's Celebrate

Life keeps moving on...

Corey has completed his work on the Replica Fighter Association's 2017 Pre-Oshkosh Airventure magazine. Now that it has been finished, and we've celebrated our oldest Grandson's Graduation, more time will be focused on working on our Voisin 3\5 rebuild.

Sunday evening we brought the fuselage up the drive to get the rigging started for the wings...

We did a little maneuvering to move the fuselage into the shop, removing both sliding glass doors and taking off the radiator made everything workout as planned.

Next step after that will be fabric application. We keep moving bit by bit closer to the goal of getting the Voisin 3\5 air bound.

Corey gave me a smile before he got back to rigging the bottom right wing this evening.

Corey was making everything look real easy as I watched him thread the steel cable into his modified strut attachments.

Please forgive me if I don't have the proper name for the thingy-ma-jigs. All I know at the moment is that Everything is looking GooD!
Corey shared that his goal for this evening was to get the center section attached so he could lift the top wing into place and get that rigged as well.

Before I left the shop I wanted to get a view from the fuselage, and the length of the new wing.

I can only imagine how it will allow for faster travels and maybe a little more stability in winds up to 20 mph. Corey has always been a safe flyer and due to his experiences knows the limits of his craft. 

We've shared this picture below before on the Voisin 3/5 website...I snapped the picture of The Last Flight of 2007 from our grass strip in November. The weather was getting to cold for the Voisin 3/5 open cockpit flights so after it's return, things were prepped for winter storage.

It is our hope that Corey will be able to get some aerial photographs yet this year.