Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midnight Rescue

I knew I wasn't destined for a full nights sleep but I was roused earlier than I had hoped. As I was lying in bed trying to determine first of all what was happening, I listened to judge the location from whence all this disturbance emanated. Eventually, I determined the FURIOUS scratching and chewing were coming from without our window in the well of the egress.

My personal alert system went off and told me if I didn't want to be driven crazy from all the noise I would need to approach the difficulty by first finding out what was causing all the commotion. This scenario had only been played out in my thoughts prior to this time. 

What would I do to rescue an animal that fell into the window well and couldn't find the escape route back out?

I finally decided to put on my coat to go outside with Sadie Sioux who darted about with the fresh scent trails sending her off in a commonly traveled corridor. If there was anything running free around the perimeter of the house she would chase it away...I've learned that given free space most animals will flee instead of taking on a threatening stance.

Now what was the source of all my angst just before midnight?!?
                                                           My 11:45 PM wake-up call!

Aha! Instead of trying to figure out a method of demise in such close quarters;I implemented something that made sense to both myself and the little bandit. 

Keeping Sadie back until the critter examined that modified tree limb wasn't quite as hard as I had thought. Maybe, she realized that her reward would come in the chase if she allowed a small bit of calm in the prelude. 

I didn't wait many minutes into the new morning before all was completed. The young raccoon fled with Sadie just at it's rear to keep it moving in the other direction. However, now more than ever, since there has been an interest shown in altering the fabric of our home, a deterrent needs to be implemented.

Oh! Since Hubby slept through all of it. I've got pictures to share.

Have a Great rest of the Day! 
As I wrote about my experience of the first little bandit, I heard familiar scratching and once again headed outside to  enlist the assistance of the modified tree limb. It took these two longer to realize their  provided escape route. I truly dislike the thought of the marking scent they leave to entice others to follow. I don't want to get out of bed to chase them away every night. : )


Marian Ann Love said...

Have been through this at the house on National Street...right in town. Had to call animal control to take them and place them out of town. I guess somehow they find their way back into town. Glad Sadie was able to help out. Enjoyed reading the story of your midnight rescue.

CDGardens said...

We've always had the abundance of little bandits as a reminder we live in a timber,but like you said they do well in town too.

We moved into our current home situation 4 years ago around this time and it does run across my mind that different animals will lose a fear of human activities when raised in close proximity.