Saturday, December 30, 2017

Finally...Colorado State Line

 A couple of days ago I was talking about signs. Here are a few more to get us going in the right direction.

After being on the road for what seemed like 8 hours.Well... actually, it was 8 hours from the time we left home until we reached the Colorado State Line on our September excursion.

The sign was a blur as we passed in a hurry but I know you get the the idea.

Sitting for so long was beginning to put me to sleep even though I had my camera in hand.

You know how it is when you see some promising information to take a break from the ribbon of highway that you've been following since before the sun came up. You begin to  watch the  mile markers to maybe hurry things up a little bit...One can hope, can't they?

Across the street from the Welcome to Julesburg sign we found a place to get some fuel and get our bearings as to where we could go to enjoy one of our picnic lunches that we had packed.

This Colorado Welcome Center/Rest Area was a tribute to the Pony Express Riders of the Plains.

Between April 1860 and October 1861 the Pony Express was the  main connection for getting communications from the  East to the West.

Many individuals pass this way every year...I would like to add my digital image to document our visit to the Pony Express RV Park and Rest Area at the Exit # 180 on the I-76.

Looking up the Native American history of the Julesburg area has certainly given me a different perspective than I had originally thought.

In honor of the Cheyenne and Arapaho who were nomadic,following the buffalo herds, these tipi and buffalo facsimiles introduced us to the lifestyle.

In all honesty we didn't take time to go into the building to view the information. We needed to spend as much daylight time at our evening destination as possible.
We re-entered the traffic lanes once more to catch our last glimpses of the  Julesburg,CO Welcome Center that gave us a few minutes to  refuel/refresh our bodies and minds.

Our next destination, an over-night stay in Estes Park. However, you aren't going to get off so easy. I've got more pictures from here to there along our way.

Have a Great Day!

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