Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Iowa Deer Classic Continued

My post today is of a few more interesting booths I happened to pass... Getting good pictures to share was a blessing! Competition for space to stop long enough to focus can make for a lot of SMILES and Thank You very much in appreciation.

I had to smile when I walked past this booth by Shock Effects Pro-biotics at Booth #839 ! My brother had just kidded me prior to my arrival at the Deer Classic about getting a 30 Pt. Buck ...So, even though I probably won't be out after such an endowed Whitetail Buck I do have a picture to show him that they "Do Exist!"

Next year I'm thinking about the suggestion of the Iowa Deer Classic management to come on Sunday morning to the Worship Service when there's  a little less competition in speaking to the vendors about their product or service.

Walking down the aisles of Hy-Vee Hall I kept watching for the State of Colorado to be mentioned.

I found Fawn Gulch Outfitters at Booth #820. Please click above if you're interested in looking up information about planning your next Elk hunt. It looks like they have multiple options to meet the hunter or huntresses needs.

Iowa Sportsman are privileged to have a magazine  produced for us to keep up on the latest hunting trends. Read more about it here.

They were found at Booth #811.

See the little Lab in the back, in the kennel? I forget her name now, but I did get to pet her. I was asked how old I thought she was? I guessed 8 months from what knowledge I had of other Labs. How surprised I was to find out she was three years old! Her heritage originates from the smaller framed animals of the breed. Booth # 809.

You can find Heroes Hunting on the Hunt Channel  or online at CarbonTV. I found them at Booth #1201.

With so many of our Veteran's returning from active duty with some type of physical impairment, it's fantastic to know that there are people who are interested in giving them a change to be active in the hunting community.
Iron Rack products have developed a simple system for European Mount wall hangings for  Archery and Gun Hunters.

You can go here  to Youtube and find out more about what  this Sumner,IA based company can do for you in putting your Deer antlers on display.

Looking for a way to get up close to a few Turkeys this Spring?

Killer Gear might have the right solution for your turkey,antelope, and elk hunts.There interesting exhibit was displayed at Booth#914.

Welcome to Team All Outdoors I came across at Booth #906.A club catering to everything that makes outdoor life enjoyable.

I certainly did get my education on products and services during our time at the classic. Bunches of things to which I hadn't had any prior knowledge .
Stay tuned I have more to share! Tomorrow will be a little different. I'm going to share some information I got from Chip Beaman from Rolling Bones Academy in his Seminar on Long Range Shooting for Hunters...