Monday, March 13, 2017

Iowa Deer Classic 2017 Chip Beaman Seminar

I want to get back to talking about our trip to the Iowa Deer Classic and visit the first Seminar of the day for us on March 4th... Checking our schedule we found it was time to head downstairs to the Hy-Vee Hall!

So Thankful to get to spend the greater part of the day with my husband Corey at the Iowa Deer Classic! He was able to  get a few ideas to try implement into future plane designs since his hobby is aviation. I'll share those with you later.

We were fortunate to have a young hunter walk by that could help us with our photo taking needs. I had been informed  that documentation is the best way to prove anything. Here's my proof that I came and enjoyed the day and I'm sticking to it!

Ah! Here's the poster we needed to find. The RAM STAGE,  which we found located in Conference Room 107, on the lower level of Hy-Vee Hall.

We were one of the first couples to arrive for the 11:30 Seminar for the "Long Range Shooting for Hunters"

We had a little time before the seminar to get aquainted with a couple from Kirksville,MO. He was retired United States Air Force and familiar with the Commemorative Air Force.Corey and he spoke briefly on the name change of the Commemorative Air Force, as Corey is interested in Aviation History. The retired gentelman   shared his USAF experience, he told us he had gotten the nickname of Colonel Mustard, like in the game Clue.  I can't relate the whole story but it certainly gave us a smile while waiting for the seminar to get underway.

                                            Mr. Chip Beaman of Rolling Bones Outfitters

Our Seminar leader Chip Beaman and a Rolling Bones Outfitter Team member Brian checking the  time to get things going.

Upon introduction Chip shared that the Iowa Deer Classic was his first time in Iowa. Although his mother and grandmother were raised in the Southwest corner , in the small town of Coin. He was born and raised in the desert at China Lake,CA. He now resides in Montana.

Chip Beaman is a 22-year Navy veteran, a former member of several SEAL teams and now a he's teaching others to become excellent marksmen and women in the area of Long Range Hunting.

Chip gave us some background in why you should consider attending the  Rolling Bones Shooting Academy.

As an instructor he took us through the process of breaking in new gun barrels - how to clean and shoot to gain a useful outcome in the pattern.

Chip gave several scenarios to overcome...How different each one of them would be in making choices in achieving precision shooting accuracy. 
He continued to stress practicing in all conditions to know where you will become proficient in hitting your mark, the animal you're hunting. Don't leave a wounded animal to die a slow death,not only in long range hunting, but whatever range of weapon used for your chosen hunt. Be an ethical hunter.

It was a pleasure to hear Chip present his knowledge and I hope he will get a chance to come back to Iowa  to give other individuals a chance to hear him speak.

Please click Rolling Bones Shooting Academy  to find out how to book a space for training in the beautiful Black Hills town of Deadwood,South Dakota....