Thursday, May 4, 2017

Taking a Look at Pembina Gorge

Easter Sunday afternoon rolled around. Lunch was done,leftovers put away and dishes were attended to.

Kyli became tour guide...Have to know the territory if you plan on visiting often, or when it's mentioned in conversation. So,Corey and I  were about to begin our indoctrination .

We headed for Evergreens and Birch trees as we climbed some hills to get to our destination.

Along the road we came across what people familiar with the area know as the "Frost Fire Ski Resort", located at Wallhalla,ND.

The weather was chilly for the day but we lucked out overall, since the locals had been treated to 40+ inches of snow this winter and almost all had melted before our arrival. Actually, the snow wasn't finished for the season as we were getting a few flurries as we explored the area.

The Pembina River had receded back into it's banks after overflowing from the abundant snow melt.

Descending into the valley to get over the river before climbing the hill on the other-side.

Alerts remained for possible water level rises once again.

Up a few hills on the other-side, then around another few curves...we eventually came to the sign to show us just how much longer we would need to be searching for our destination.



The gates were still closed to keep the ATV's off the  muddy terrain on the day of our visit.

This cold and wet day was great for our fact finding mission.

Conveniently located just to the left of the gate you see above, was a map outlining the Gorge's 24 miles of  drive-able ATV and Dirt Bike trails.
The empty ATV Trail getting dried out ,across the valley from where we parked to take in the view..

We saw evidence of how the soil layers have become filled with moisture and slid, or washed out of place.

Searching for information about the soil profile I went here.
Fossils have been uncovered in the strata of the valley.

The discussion of the stated age of what man has perceived the earth to be and where the remains of the dinosaurs were found ensued among us as we continued on our way.

We continue to believe what God has stated in his Creation of Earth,Time and Space...I've found some Answers for the Biblical vs. Science theories we all are faced with when making our 
own decisions. Take a look for yourself!

I know in time that all the rearranging slides will fill in with topsoil and vegetation but the time frame won't be immediate. It gives me an idea of the fragility of the geographical terrain.

Being able to have some recreational trails to enjoy while observing nature is a benefit for both Men and Women powered 2-wheelers...or maybe one of those  little canopy covered ATV's that blows mud into your face.

All I'm saying is Explore the Great Outdoors!

Until next time...Have a Great Day!


Pella Tulip Time

I would like to point some of my local friends to Pella Tulip Time beginning today! Please click Pella Tulip Time to be taken to a Calendar of their events.

Last week my husband Corey and I got to enjoy some beautiful Tulip plantings when we stopped in to checkout some of the attractions.


After breakfast at the Windmill Cafe...We grabbed the cameras,and cellphones, for a little bit of  photography practice over in the square; where most of this weekend's  festivities take place.

Our excursion in Pella ended with a stop at the Jaarsma Bakery to get some goodies to celebrate the day.

For your info ,those that like original Dutch pastries,you can order them online from Jaarsma Bakery to be delivered straight to your door. Checkout the link above. 

Our visit ended here but our day was not done. It was time to head off to Red Rock Dam to find the Pelicans that linger around the Flood Gates. I'll post some pictures for you on another day.
Until next time Have a Great Day!