Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Voisin 35 on Facebook

This Timber Life  blogpost is in support of a Facebook post by the builder of Voisin 35, Corey Butcher...

Facebook Post Published by Corey Butcher · May 4 at 3:59pm ·

All four wings are ready for final cleanup and cover. Hope to start on that sometime in June.

 Here are some photos of the top center section. I thought I had it ready to go, but I decided to make a slight change. I don't like the center compression plate with separate halves. (This is not the way the plans are. It is a left over from the prototype.)

You can see it in the third photo. So I am going to do a little bit more modification here. I'll detail it later.

Thank you for stopping by Timber Life, more Voisin 35 updates on the way.

Have a Great Day!