Sunday, August 27, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

A week ago Corey and I  had one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime together.
Along with many other die-hard astronomy  hobbyist we ventured  to a point in the United States easily accessible to us and other family members.

Our trek took us to Kirksville,Mo. on Sunday afternoon. A way point between where we could decide early the next morning,August 21st, what direction to go to find the clearest sky.

All weather reports at 4:00 A.M. on Monday had rain in the western section of  the Eclipse Path in Missouri...So, we headed off towards two other potential locations in the St. Louis area to get as much sun - camera exposure as possible.

At Columbia, where cloud cover was encircling our travel corridor we headed East towards our destination of Washington,Mo. to meet family, before deciding whether to seek the first planned destination at Saint Clair, to get an additional 11 seconds added to our documentation experience.

 The State of Missouri prepared  those who may not been aware already of the heavenly changes about to take place during the daytime travel time.

We came across this warning twice from Columbia to Warrenton.

It truly would be a shock if the skies grew dark at noon.Which they did!

I'm hiding in plain sight to the back left by the open car door.

One of our candid family moments at the Waters/Yoest home as we chose to stay with our larger family group for the total Eclipse.

It definitely was a blessing to witness one of God's magnificent natural events with others who waited expectantly for the appointed time....
Corey was able to get some fantastic eclipse stages starting at the right and working your way to the left. We had both Corey's camera and my camera in operation with Corey manning them both...His brother Bryan was able to coach him into great results with a 5-minute primer on my camera settings.

Here's a Great Big Thank You for Family, Food, and Fellowship!

Have a Great Day!