Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Scheel's Rapid City, SD

Corey and I  rambled around the Scheel's store for a few minutes to get us out of the car to look over their 8 year old location at 1225 Eglin St.,Rapid City , SD.  Please take note of the bronze statues placed around the entrance of the building - made by Mark Lundeen of Loveland,CO.

In September 2007, the same time we were looking over Cabela's new building site, we discovered Scheel's had decided to relocate away from Rushmore Mall, opening their new store in 2009. In 2014 Scheel's  added another addition, bringing the total square footage to 118,000 -  giving them ample space to increase their sportsman's supply inventory once again.

During our visit I asked a sales associate about the difference between Mountain Lion paw prints and Bears. He said "what do you want to know?" He had first hand experience with Mountain Lions since they spend a lot of time in his front yard. He went onto explain the toe structure and the claw differences. I wish I  could have seen some pictures of paw prints associated with the Mountain Lions  he spoke about inhabiting the Black Hills area.

We visit our local Scheel's in West Des Moines on occasion to keep us tuned in to the outdoors and the hearing amplifiers used to catch all of nature's little nuances.

If you're ever out to Rapid City and need some hunting or fishing equipment there are two wonderful stores not far apart to get you setup.

Here's wishing you... Have a Great Day!

(Just a note...I'm posting some events out of order in case you should wonder why dates or events seem mixed-up)

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