Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Trip from Loveland CO to Estes Park

Leaving Loveland, CO in late September last year we went West on route 34 through the Big Thompson Canyon.

We saw so many things  that I found interesting it could take me awhile to get them all categorized and ready to write about.

One of the first things I would like to bring to your attention is the Sylvan Dale Guest ranch sign. Of course I saw it the last time we went by in 2015 but this time I decided it worth snapping. I just read they are offering  a February Romantic Getaway Package. Being only 7 miles west of Loveland, they aren't impacted by the highway construction in the Thompson Canyon region and if you're game for a  cozy cabin with some snow for Valentine's Day an Airport Shuttle could be the way to go to get some R&R.  Looks like a  great place to visit so I'll post their contact information to get you going -

                                                        Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch
                                                        2939 N County Rd 31D
                                                        Loveland CO 80538
Wooden sculptures and large lawn ornaments by Adobe Designs kept the scenery interesting,interspersed with rock formations galore. Adobe Designs not only meets the outside garden design needs but I've found they also are a Clothing Boutique with an eye for Home Decor as well. 
Have you ever heard of a store called The Dam Store? Well, I hadn't heard of it either until we passed it. You'll see a picture of it in my collage, on the top row clear to the right-side. It's had a few purposes in the history of Loveland. At the present it's a lookout location to see where it was once a hydroelectric plant for the city before a flood and growing population made it obsolete. A retail operation is now housed within the building, offering tourists momentos of their visit to the site and state, along with regional refreshments and jewlery.
Getting on the other side of the Dam Store we started seeing fog not far into the canyon up on the mountain tops with varying visibility. It was a disappointment when it became apparent that some of the peaks wouldn't be apart of the picture album this time around. Ah... Another reason to make a trip to Colorado.
With our incline passage on windy roads higher into the mountains we were finally going to make it to Estes Park for our overnight stay.

Come back soon and see the highlights of our short daylight hours in and around Estes Park.  I'll end here and wish you Have a Great Day!