Monday, January 15, 2018

Our Evening at Estes Park,CO - Part One

Entering Estes Park from Big Thompson Canyon we soon found our road that would take us to our hotel accommodations for the evening.

Fish Creek Road intersected with N St Vrain Ave. which runs along the southern shore of Lake Estes.

Via N St Vrain Ave. ,the street to our lodging, we were welcomed with a blinking road sign announcing the most prominent event now taking place in the community. 

I know the sign doesn't spell things out completely but there is enough to give some clues if you are aware of the season.

Let's just say the two most important words I catch a glimpse of are "Elk" and "Rutting".

Arriving at our  destination it was time to take a quick survey of our surroundings before heading into town to see if the Elk were moving about the town proper.

Panning to our right across the street from the Twin Owls Motor Lodge at the west end of Lake Estes we enjoyed the scenery.

The fog was still setting low on the mountains surrounding us and we hurried to make choices as to what direction would be best to go to find the next photo subject(s).

We did get on our way to checkout both the wildlife and tourist populations now inhabiting this well known city.

Because I've got so many pictures I would like to share with you I plan on splitting them into several posts.

Please do keep checking back to see if something new has been added.

Have a Great Day!