Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sadie Says

My post today is going to cover a product review. Recently, I have been wanting to be the leader of my little pack when we are out on my leash. I kept getting short of breath and my Mom was always sitting me down every few feet. She was continually trying to get my attention. Telling me how much better it would be for all of us if I would just "Slow Down!" I don't know how many of my fellow canines would be interested, but my Mom has found a different type of apparatus that she attaches my leash to under my chin. The "Gentle Leader Headcollar" is what it is called, made by the Premier company. It fits snugly around my head and a piece of the lead goes over my mouth. It sure has made a difference in how I hear Mom now. Looking forward to rambling further than our immediate surroundings. ;)


SimplyOutdoors said...

Those style leashes work great, and don't have the ferocious look that the ones that go over the dogs mouth do.

My wife and I love ours and it even works on the bigger dog varieties.

CDGardens said...

simplyoutdoors- Sadie has been fighting the headcollar, but when she decides to walk she does make it more relaxed.

I can imagine what a great help it is with Brock.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Never seen what you all are talking about...I just hook the leash to Katie's collar and it has a retractable handle on leash where I can keep her under control.

CDGardens said...

marian love phillips - The headcollar is a nifty invention to gain back control of a puppy, or dog that doesn't seem to learn not to pull with the regular leash.

I do hope that one day we can just attach her leash to her collar and she won't pull.

Thanks for stopping by friend. Nice to hear from you! ;)