Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sadie Says

Time for my weekly installment. I really do have some opinions on items made for the canine crowd. In my puppy days I have been found to take off with Mom and Dad's shoes and boots, to have a nibble, until they are found to be missing from the designated holding rug by the door. Wouldn't you know it? Mom decided that she was going to try a product to stop my inner wishes everytime I was tempted. Maybe you have even tried it to keep your little angels from ripping apart your footwear. Here is a product called Pet Odoban. Supposed to be a "No Chew Spray", Tea Tree oil,a bitter barrier. Hmmm, no chew, huh?!? My Mom would totally saturate the surfaces until the liquid was running off the shoes and some furniture I found to be particulary of interest. Boy! The first couple of times it made me shake my head when I lapped it up. After while it didn't make any difference... So, Sadie says, not every dog may have the same results of being offended by the flavor provided by this product. Don't count on protection. Better luck next time 'round Mom!

Blowin' in the Wind

When you hear the words "Blowin' in the Wind", what do you think of? Bob Dylan's song? Certainly one thing that could come to mind when that phrase is used. When I use it, I am going to refer to the pollen I saw being released in the breeze last night around 5:00 p.m. . Looked just like smoke blowing across the tops of the tall grasses.
This is the part of the spring I dread. I react to all those little floating particles that pop out. This has been an absolutely great year for healthy grass
growth so the pollen seems extra abundant.
Wishing all of you that experience allergies through the Spring some relief shortly...