Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to One and All

The day has arrived for all of us to step back from out hurried schedules to share with our family and friends, food, fellowship and gifts from the heart.

I wish everyone safety during this holiday season with the weather that has been blanketing the country. A good time to snuggle in at home if you don't have to be out on the highways.

From us at Timber Life to all of you a  Blessed Merry CHRISTmas... ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bowhunter's Success at Timber Life

This year the property owners of the area adjacent to Timber Life have made an alliance in an attempt to take control of outsiders hunting without permission.

Before bowhunting started we  granted permission to a young man named Mason Loftus, referred to us by a mutual friend ; he also has a working relationship with a neighbor to the East. Mason placed a stand for the Deer Bowhunting season in a secluded part of the timber where a couple of properties are within view of a common fenceline.

Sunday, November 15th ,Mason gave us a call to let us know he was going to be coming out , a request we made when we agreed to let him hunt. It helps us to know who will be where and when.

In the late afternoon Mason came to the house to show us what he shot to fill his doe tag. Before it gets to be ancient news I wanted to  Congratulate him on his harvest. We are hoping that he will return to fill his buck tag come the next Bow Season.... I am hoping he will write his own account of his experiences to post here in the future. ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Noah Biorkman Update

I would like to thank all of you who added a Christmas Card for Noah... The concerted effort brought  a million cards to Noah's family within a short amount of time.

Sadly, not long after the outpouring of  generosity of the readers on the World Wide Web, little Noah Biorkman was taken to heaven. God took his child to be with him on November 23,2009.

Now that Noah is gone, his parents have requested bloggers and Facebook posters to ask that the cards and gifts stop. They appreciated the effort to make his requesr a reality .

If you would still like to honor Noah, his mother has asked  that you direct your memorials to the hospital and charity that worked to care for Noah's medical and social needs in his days as a patient.

Please send donations to the following:

Department of Pediatrics and Oncology
University of Michigan
1500 East Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5718
Checks payable to: The University of Michigan – Noah’s Pediatric Oncology Fund


Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan
230 Huron View Blvd.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
Checks payable to: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan – Memo: Noah Biorkman

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dancing Eagles

Saturday brought some nice temperatures for spending time outside in the last days of November.

We have been gifted with seeing Bald Eagles using our vicinity as a feeding area for the last 17 years. Sightings are becoming more numerous and we have come to believe they may have set-up a nesting site not far away.

Friday morning I caught a single raptor sitting in a cottonwood after seeing two adults at tree top level on several occassions, as Hubby & me continue working on our Timber Life Lodge.

It never loses its AWE power when we see a creature God speaks of in his scripture. One of my favorties -

Isaiah 40:31. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint....

We listened and watched for the sounds and sighting of the eagles that had shown themselves the last little while. First seeing one, then another,eventually we saw 2 adults and two immature younsters darting and circling together enjoying the warm thermals above.

The adult to the right, left the dance earlier than the others to seek new territory to enjoy while the daylight still allowed for exploration....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate Change Development

It has been brought to my attention that a break in the untruths of the "Climate Change" theory have been exposed.

We all have opinions about the facts that were more or less being pushed forward as truth. However, all we needed to do is go outside in our seasons to know what they were trying to convince us as being global warming was bogus.

This video reveals some information that has yet to be completely sorted through but could be earth shaking if what is being insinuated remains true. That only a handful of scientists were manipulating environmental data to form false results and the world was going to be taxed to fulfill an agenda.

Questions at this early date that I have -

1.Will we still be passing the Cap and Trade bill in Congress?
2.Will our energy costs still skyrocket ?
3.Will our environmentalists allow more domestic oil to be pumped so we
   can become less dependent on foreign oil?

.All I know is that through the ages the earth passes through warm and cool  cycles ,as recorded by the earth istself in it's geological structures....Why would we think that would change? 

Ah, a lot of questions which only time will reveal what the next developments could be... ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is around the corner and as a woman who takes responsibilty for trying to make sure the holiday doesn't go by without the family having Turkey I bought one at the store.

Fall Wild Turkey season started here in Iowa on October 12th. I haven't bought a license,but have put some turkeys to flight when I interupted their soybean field dining experiences when driving into the otherside of our property. They get startled and take flight into the trees or run and hide in the high weeds.

Those old birds always find their way to the properties around us once the crops are out of the field  until after the season passes. My only draw back is that I limit myself to a "landowners tag"...It never fails, a few days after  Shotgun Deer starts and Turkey season ends they come back to wander the ravine just south of my house.

Not to worry though - this year as in the past my hunting mentor Merlin Klaas came through with a good looking  turkey for our holiday. He saw him feeding on some turnips planted in a food plot  to the East of our timber , getting his shotgun it only took one shot before the longbeard took an unexpected ride to my house.

The Tom had a beard measuring eleven inches and dressed out at 12 lbs.

It is my understanding that some people just use the breast meat, but here at Timber Life we consume the legs and edible organ meat as well. I have learned to cook the turkey in about an inch of chicken broth in the bottom of a covered pan, in a slow oven of 325 degrees. Checking frequently to see if the meat needs basted.

Grandchildren  Nick, and Alexa came to visit me that Friday,when their High School football team went to the State play-offs, so they got to witness the bird being cleaned. While Merlin was processing the bird I asked Nick when were we going to eat it. His answer was "for  Thanksgiving."

Nothing like having a Wild Turkey to serve up and thank God for the bounty he has set forth in nature.....;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Cards for Noah Biorkman

This time of year brings us to Celebrations that bring joy and happiness when we share it with family. I would like to be apart of helping this little boy in getting one last wish...

In my travels on the internet a story of a 5 year old boy has come to my attention. His name is Noah Biorkman, he lives in Michigan. The last 2 1/2 years he has been treated for a cancer called neuroblastoma which his family now believes may take him before Christmas this year.

A request by Noah's family has gone out far and wide...One last request Noah has made is to receive bunches of Christmas cards for what could be his last celebration.

This weekend his family will be sharing Christmas with him because his illness may not allow him to be here later.

If you would like to join in helping give Noah a lot of cards here is an updated address.

Noah Biorkman
C/O Scott Biorkman
3840 Petroskey Way
Milford,MI 48380

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eureka LadyBug Sleeping Bag

In June I entered a drawing over at The Hunter's Wife.

Jody at The Hunter's Wife was sponsored by The Eureka Camping Tent Co. for the drawing, to celebrate the National Great Outdoors Month, and The Great American Backyard Campout.

I  had the opportunity to use the little sleeping bag this summer when my granddaughters came to spend the night on two different occassions.

Pictured above is oldest granddaughter in July  - she had a favorable opinion of the little Eureka Ladybug sleeping bag. She started out on the couch snuggled in the sleeping bag with her favorite blankie and stuffed animal, eventually ending up on the floor,still snuggled in the sleeping bag. When she woke up she said that she  found it comfy - cushy.

Youngest granddaughter came in August,she didn't spend all night in the sleeping bag. Changing her sleeping location from one room to another without Grandma knowing, leaving the sleeping bag in the original spot. So, to this point  she doesn't have a review to share.

Once again I would like to thank Jody and the Eureka Camping Tent Co. for having the drawing and providing a fantastic product. ;)

Disclaimer: In accordance with a new law being implemented soon, I would like to let it be known that in no way am I receiving financial reward for sharing my opinion or to use the product.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello All

I just wanted to drop by and let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you...

There are a lot of blogpost ideas that haven't gotten put to paper . Who knows they may not see the end of a pencil, or the screen of a computer.

My focus seems to be trying to knit neck scarves for my Grandkids, and to do what I can to get our new home enclosed before the snow starts to fly.

We started moving dirt for our home on July 20th

Hubby and I have  made great strides in our work towards the goal. We were able to get the first round of plywood put up in a couple days this past weekend. He tacked it on and I went back later and nailed it down.

We had help one Saturday from a friend of Hubby's a couple weeks ago and when we couldn't get the southwest section of wall raised by ourselves we called our son for five minutes to help. Otherwise after we got the dirtwork leveled everything that has been done has been accomplished by the Timber Life construction crew.

The house is going to be earth bermed when we are all done. Drainage tubes, pea gravel, dimple board to protect the surfaces that will be underground and then fill dirt to top it off.

We are working to get it enclosed before the weather takes a serious turn towards winter.

The projected occupation date will be by April 2010...Things may not all be finished but it will be far enough along to provide a place to sleep, cook and do dishes.

When we began working on our building plan I was concerned with good spots for Christmas Tree locations and I found several...As Christmas draws closer I will share them with you.

I'm glad to get to stop by and let you know what has been happening here in the backcountry of Iowa at Timber Life.;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Choices

The other day I spoke of my Hubby's decision to entertain my interest in gaining some "Stuff" for my outdoor activities. He gave me a very nice birthday card with a magnificent Whitetail Buck on the front. (who knows maybe the only one I will get up close and personal with this year...) In addition, a gift card to a positively huge sportsmans supply store just down the road about a half an hour.

I want to share the "Stuff" purchased with my gift card this time around. There were so many things I wanted, so I prioritized a list. The Thermacell had been recommended to me by Arthur,at Simply Outdoors,over a year ago when I talked about being attacked by mosquitoes everytime I walk outside in the summer. SimplyOutdoors said...
I've never berry hunted before, but sounds like a good time. You should try a thermacell to keep those mosquitos away. They even make a cool pouch so you can carry it along with you.

June 26, 2008 10:12 AM
I'll be giving the portable mosquito fogger a workout next summer for sure, but with the temps still being pretty warm it might get to work sooner.

As you can see I bought a Knight & Hale
Soft Grunter, a new tool in my arsenal to get the bucks to come closer.

It wasn't long after I got home I had the call out giving it a try to see what kind of sound it would make. I am going to have to listen to some expert callers to see what pattern of calling they use under what circumstances.

The only thing we didn't  do  this time was eat at  Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill. We checked to see how long the wait would be...When we found out it would be an hour and a half until we were seated, it was a joint decision to seek an alternate eating establishment on this occassion. The next time we know we should put our names on the seating list before we begin shopping, to get everything accomplished while we are there.

Other excursions are planned so we can capitalize on all the offerrings made by our local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World... ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Celebration

The clock reads 6:32 A.M., the calendar says September 21,2009, that makes me 52 years 37 minutes old... Friday, when Hubby and I were working on assembling a section of wall for our house/lodge, I played "100 Questions" to see if I could narrow down what he had planned for my birthday celebration. I asked about three different scenarios...A visit to Bass Pro Shops in Altoona was among them. Silly man ! He always gives himself away when I guess what he has planned. He gets a grin on his face, can't look me straight in the eye, and this time he turned his back to me to hide any further facial expression confirmations. He wouldn't verbally say at that point which one since he still wanted it to be a surprise. His comment when he turned away was that I hadn't been wrong about one of the guesses. Bass Pro Shops got the biggest reaction... ;) After 34 years of marriage you get to know how the other person thinks even if they don't think they are that transparent. Late Sunday afternoon I made my second visit to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This time I got into the picture to record my visit. I kind of blend into the surroundings because of my apparel color choices.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Congratulations Sara and Brian!

Saturday, August 29th,2009, turned out to be what you would call "A picture perfect day in Central Iowa". After what seemed a whirlwind courtship,click here to read about the two young people who decided it was time for them to make a life long committment before God, family and friends. Fellow Blogger, my niece Sara Butcher, of Warrior Princess Dream followed her heart down the aisle at the Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp Chapel, Story City,IA. Where Brian, her husband had been an employee of the camp in a multi-tasking position. It was a very peaceful and welcoming setting for the beginning of the next phase of their life together.
I would like to present Mr. Brian and Sara Burrier and wish them many years of wedded happiness.
Congratulations!.. ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Deer Food Plots are Growing

At the Iowa Deer Classic 2008,I had the opportunity to visit with representatives of several companies that provide their own seed blends for us to plant to provide increased nutrition for the deer we hunt. The company I chose is WHITETAIL INSTITUTE , because they provided small seed packets that plant 10'x 10' plots. In my need to know, I wanted to see what blend the deer in my neighborhood would show the most interest in eating. I have planted 6 of 7 packets I received. Last summer I staked out my plots and used my brushcutter/weedwhacker to keep the surface clean of weeds and grass. This summer I was able to get the ground tilled, fertilizer and lime added. The plots sat for several months so I could follow the suggested Fall planting schedule since I missed the Spring deadlines. I applied a quick lime since I didn't have a full season to let the regular lime sit and become an active ingredient immediately to make a difference in the health of the crop. The NO PLOW packet is the last one I have left to do...I am working on an area right off the yard, south of the new house we are building. I want to be able to watch the deer from the kitchen sink, patio, family and utility rooms. I plan to spend a lot of time in the family room in the winter since that is where the fireplace will be...NO television, but sitting arrangements strategically placed for enjoying the views,reading, or knitting. When I cultivated my present little plots, I didn't take into account the lack of windows I will have facing in that direction. Now,I will need to get my trail cameras working to catch whatever deer traffic passes by these little tasty treats. Pondering my dilemma, I mentioned it to hubby, and he said we could plant a big deer plot in the pasture to the West of our house if I wanted to next year. It was definitely a surprise to me! A much welcomed chance to see what kind of animals we have wandering the timber through the summer... ;) Next Post : Deer Plot Progress

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Media Tour of New Bass Pro Shop in Altoona, IA

  The Channel 13 News in Des Moines,IA has opened up the Bass Pro Shop in Altoona, IA to it's viewers. Yes, they mentioned it was a media tour and everyone else would have to wait...Oh well. The Grand Opening for the new store will be in three weeks, a date already scratched off on my calendar. The time I have waited to go checkout the hunter's paradise will soon be rewarded. Another post will be forthcoming when I finally step foot in the huge retail outlet. This picture was taken July 21,2008. What a difference a year has made... ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Multi-generational Whitetailed Doe Home Range

Recently, I queried a question to my blog readers to see if they may have seen a behavior that I have observed here . That of the returning year after year of a whitetailed doe to the same place to birth and raise her fawns. It took a little phrase manipulation in my GOOGLE searches to find exactly what I needed. Using the phrase "Whitetailed Doe Matriarchal Home Range" brought me to the pages that seemed to read my mind and provide the answers I sought. One site in particular that I came across gave a twenty year time-line. Researchers Michael E. Nelson and L. David Mech of the Biological Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, 8711 - 37th St. SE, Jamestown, ND 58401-7317, U.S.A., provided in-depth generational dispersions. Table of Contents Introduction Methods Results Capture and Demography Home-range Dynamics Matriarch (M112) Daughter (D106) Granddaughters (G6381 and G6996) Great-Granddaughters (GG6974 and GG7000) Summer Range Relationships Table 1 -- Location data for six deer from the Gabbro Lake matriline. Discussion Acknowledgments References Figures Fig. 1 -- Genetic relationships, ages and years of first capture and end of radio-tracking interval for a 20-year white-tailed deer matriline. Fig. 2 -- Locations of M112 during March-November 1977 and D106 during April-June 1976. Fig. 3 -- Locations of M112 and D106 during April-November 1979. Fig. 4 -- Locations of D106, G6381, and GG6974 during (A) April-May; and (B) June-August 1988. Fig. 5 -- Locations of G6996 and GG7000 in April-August 1988. Fig. 6 -- Locations of G6996 and GG7000 in April-October 1990. If you happen to be interested in knowing the home-range tendencies of the whitetail doe, clicking on the whitetailed doe link will open up the documented findings of Researchers Michael E. Nelson and L. David Mech at the United States Geological Survey website. I found at that point going down to the links in the lower left corner right under the discussion article would get you back to the research. Another link I tried to provide has not been recently updated so it isn't available to get you directly to each segement. In my opinion to use a coined phrase "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" would absolutely fit the behaviors of the does. They may move a little further out with each generation. However, matriarchal bloodlines are still found within a defined area. As I reflect on the information it supports my own observations. Certainly I won't be going out and putting tracking collars on the does, or getting blood samples to verify relationships but I could get some pictures from year to year. The question has been adequately answered in my estimation and will go on from now into eternity...;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where to Live After Retirement

Yesterday, I received these little comical observations about the best places to live after you retire in an e-mail. Take a look and see what you they fit? You can live in Phoenix , Arizona where..... 1. You are willing to park 3 blocks away because you found shade. 2. You've experienced condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl. 3. You can drive for 4 hours in one direction and never leave town. 4. You have over 100 recipes for Mexican food. 5. You know that 'dry heat' is comparable to what hits you in the face when you open your oven door. 6. The 4 seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! You can Live in California where... 1. You make over $250,000 and you still can't afford to buy a house. 2. The fastest part of your commute is going down your driveway. 3. You know how to eat an artichoke. 4. You drive your rented Mercedes to your neighborhood block party. 5. When someone asks you how far something is, you tell them how long it will take to get there rather than how many miles away it is. 6. The 4 seasons are: Fire, Flood, Mud, and Drought. You can Live in New York City where... 1. You say 'the city' and expect everyone to know you mean Manhattan 2. You can get into a four-hour argument about how to get from Columbus Circle to Battery Park, but can't find Wisconsin on a map. 3. You think Central Park is 'nature,' 4. You believe that being able to swear at people in their own language makes you multi-lingual. 5. You've worn out a car horn. 6. You think eye contact is an act of aggression. You can Live in Maine where... 1. You only have four spices: salt, pepper, ketchup, and Tabasco 2. Halloween costumes fit over parkas. 3. You have more than one recipe for moose. 4. Sexy lingerie is anything flannel with less than eight buttons. 5. The four seasons are: winter, still winter, almost winter, and construction. You can Live in the Deep South where... 1. You can rent a movie and buy bait in the same store. 2. 'y'all' is singular and 'all y'all' is plural. 3. 'He needed killin'' is a valid defense. 4. Everyone has 2 first names: Billy Bob, Jimmy Bob, Mary Sue, Betty Jean, etc. You can live in Colorado where... 1. You carry your $3,000 mountain bike atop your $500 car. 2. You tell your husband to pick up Granola on his way home and he stops at the day care center. 3. A pass does not involve a football or dating. 4. The top of your head is bald, but you still have a pony tail. You can live in the Midwest where... 1. You've never met any celebrities, but the mayor knows your name. 2. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor. 3. You have had to switch from 'heat' to 'A/C' on the same day. 4. You end sentences with a preposition: 'Where's my coat at?' 5. When asked how your trip was to any exotic place, you say, 'It was different!' ( Goodness when I read this I thought, "They got it right!" ;) ) OR You can live in Florida where.. 1. You eat dinner at 3:15 in the afternoon. 2. All purchases include a coupon of some kind -- even houses and cars. 3. Everyone can recommend an excellent dermatologist. 4. Road construction never ends anywhere in the state. 5. Cars in front of you are often driven by headless people Have some fun already! Good day all!!! ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a Lucky Winner!

Rex and the Crew at the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club , down in the Mississippi Delta,decided they would have a classic car give-away. The suspense was getting unbearable around here. Kept checking back to see who a lucky winner could possibly be over at Deer Camp Blog . Then when I wasn't looking I got this e-mail from my friend Marian - "Did you know that you just won the first of a 5 car give-a-way on Rex's site? You go girl!" Hugs, Marian :) WooHoo!!! So off I go to see what gem I have now become a proud owner. Ah a 1951 Plymouth Cambridge, probably a power machine in its earlier days...nice car! I have always been partial to Chrysler products. lol Can't wait to see what the other four classic cars are to be given away. Good luck to you. Oh yeah Rex... Hubby says "Tell 'em not to send it FedEx".
Thanks to Rex at Christmas Place Plantation and Marian ("Vanna")of Marian's Hunting Stories etc., etc., etc...for the picture of my new set of wheels. I love it! ;)
May I suggest that you head over to the Deer Camp Blog for your chance at winning the next classic beauty...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Wild Raspberries

It is time for all the natural crafters to be out surveying the countryside again!The season is upon us to be gathering another natural resource here in Iowa.Wild Raspberries Hubby isn't a great fan of these little drupes because of their small size and abundant seeds, but I sure do like them. Keeping things really simple, I put about a cupful in a bowl and eat them with a sprinkling of sugar. I might put a few on top of a pancake, or cereal for breakfast if the urge strikes. There has been some discussion about wild raspberries and blackberries on the 'Net due to the season. I would like to pass along how you can determine the difference between the two. The North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association says when asked - How do you tell the difference between a blackberry and black raspberry? The most obvious difference is that a black raspberry is hollow -- the core of the fruit stays on the plant when it is picked, while the core stays in a blackberry. Black raspberry fruit are also smaller, less shiny. and have a bluish waxy coating between the sections of the berry. I stopped by Wandering Owl Outside and found a recipe to use for our summertime berry pickings. The pictures make a totally scrumptious experience. While joining all the other berry pickers in finding some delectable treats I ran across a nest with 4-little eggs. The wild raspberry brambles make a fantastic fortress, but the mother Robin wasn't anywhere to be seen. A little wren had come to enjoy the space when I went to the house to get the camera . Only to flit away before the camera would focus. The timber is pleasantly filled with a multitude of birds sharing their happy songs as they feast on nature's bounty. A great way to spend time in the great outdoors being serenaded by the little tweeters. Here's wishin' you all the best of a sure to stop by Wandering Owl Outside for a recipe, so you too can be ready for a tasty treat. ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

God Bless America

We have come to a another day of celebrating freedom in the history of our great nation, The United States of America... I find inspiration in the song of Lee Greenwood, a song that you are probably able to vocalize, because of how familiar it has become in our times of opposition in recent years. Today, I would like to send out to all citizens of this great country a wish for God to Bless America, keep us united in thought and deed, remaining a strong unified body, protecting what belongs to us - The Home of the Free and the Brave.....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thanks to Jody at The Hunter's Wife, who ran a blog contest from June 10th - June 16th, I have received a Lady Bug sleeping bag produced for the Eureka Tent Co. to fit the little girl campers in our lives. The sleeping bag arrived from Johnson Outdoors ,Racine,WI. by FedEx on Tuesday last week...a very speedy delivery. Now it is time to plan an occasion to use it . I wish to extend many thanks to the sponsor. ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

Our 34th Wedding Anniversary would not be spent at home... We headed out to the Texas Roadhouse for a very filling lunch. You will be greeted with the phrase "Are you ready to get the party started"?, when you enter the front door to be seated. The host/hostess staff will grab a basket of sweet white dinner rolls accompanied by cinnamon butter and lead you off to where your waiter/waitress will take your order. While you wait for the appetizer, or your main meal you can enjoy snacking on peanuts in the shell if you have some hunger pangs to satisfy. We started off with a "Baby Bloom" since there was only the two of us, we didn't even eat the whole thing,so we would have room for the main course,just needed a taste of the sauce. Hubby ordered his favorite "Barbecued Ribs" with sides of baked beans & caesar salad. I decided to have the breaded catfish with a sauteed carrots and broccoli mix with a caesar salad also. We both had the Cherry Limeade for our lunchtime libation, very tastey that is if you like sweet drinks. More than ample servings of food will either leave you full as a tick, or ready to heat and serve later at home. We highly recommend you stop by the Texas Roadhouse closest to you. It was off to see a movie next. The new Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie was released at the Des Moines Science Center IMAX Dome Theater on June 24th,a midnight showing no-less...Ummm, NO! We didn't go to that one. Instead I made an online ticket purchase for the 1:00 PM showing on Sunday,June 28th. I liked the perk of not having to wait in line to buy our tickets. We presented the receipt printed off at home to the cashier at the "Will Call" ticket window and was handed an envelope with our ticket to the movie and admission to the Science Center for after the movie. We waited in line at the doors for probably a half an hour before the dome was opened for seating. They had another video event of some sort before our showing. The trip to the Science Center/IMAX Dome Theater was a totally new adventure. We hadn't been to that part of Downtown in the last few years to witness the Urban improvements that have been put into place.It is like the Field of Dreams..."Build it and they will come." ;)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

34th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and I are celebrating our 34th Wedding Anniversary today. This week I had a chance to go back to the corner of Iowa where I spent most of my childhood and teenage years. I got off I-80 onto Iowa Highway 71 south,following it to Atlantic and beyond. Traveling a mile past Lyman, we, my mother and I, arrived at the road that used to take us to the place we called home. It had rained not long before we stopped to visit graves of family members that lay at rest in the cemetery of the church we had attended. I didn't want to take the gravel road to get the car muddy driving by the acreage, because we still had more miles to go to get to our intended destination. If you were to follow the road in the picture west to the first stop sign and take a left going a 1/4 mile south we were the first house on the right. Sounds like a lot of directions.You can see part of the place on the edge of the photo to the left. It has been 34 years since my mother, or I have had any claim to the property built by my paternal Grandmother's parents. Time changes things and your memories or pictures are all that remains of what used to be... I diverged from the topic a bit.Now, I would like to go back and share a picture of my childhood church, where Hubby and I had the good fortune to take the step to become man and wife, way back when...34 years ago. ;) Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berry Pickin' Experience

Today I was out gathering gooseberries to stock some freezers for the long, cold winter ahead. At least the fruit of summer can bring a glimmer of hope when it is to bless-ed cold outside that you would rather be sitting by the fireplace. I am searching for the "Right" size to pick. Silly me...then I finally decide that to hurry the process along any size will do to fill a pie. As I stood on a deer run below the rim of a hill a white-tailed doe came into view. I surprised her, scared the "Snort" out of her you could say. She stood trying to get my attention for a few minutes, but when I didn't move she took off in the other direction. Continuing to work my way up the slope I had another encounter...A young fawn sprung up from hiding and bolted away. I had revealed the hiding spot of a newer member of the Timber Life deer family, the second encounter in five days. My presence on the block just wasn't appreciated... There was a flashback to the second deer shotgun season last winter. I was snuggled inside the limbs of a fallen tree. Every now and then I would stand up to see if I could get a visual on any mature deer in close proximity and get the blood flowing in my legs. The older ones stayed across the ravine to the south, there was activity to the east of my location, a young deer that seemed to always be in that very spot. The funny thing was every time I stood up it would in turn stand up and move ever so slightly further to the east. I know that it isn't good to speak but I had to reassure the little critter I wasn't going to be after it that year.... Do you think it could become a generational birthing nursery??? ;)

I am not sure if this is the fawn I have been seeing...The doe was initiating it into jumping fences around my deer food sample plots early today. This isn't where I saw the baby yesterday but wanted to share anyway. ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Eureka Lightening Bug Sleeping Bag

Jody over at The Hunter's Wife had a Eureka Tent Co.sponsored children's sleeping bag give-a-way from June 10th - June 16th. The drawing was my pleased surprise Jody notified me by e-mail that my entry had been chosen by I have two granddaughters that I would like to see use it when they take their turns and come to visit Grandma and Papa. A camp out in the living room or under the kitchen table that gets turned into a Fort now and then is in order....
The Girl's Lightening Bug Sleeping Bag
Thank you Jody for having a drawing and many thanks to the sponsor the Eureka Tent Company.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swallow Condos

Last week, Hubby, and a friend, took a spur of the moment trip to Montezuma,Kansas, south of Dodge City on highway 56,off I-70 west of Salina. They went to checkout an Ercoupe airplane for his friend. On the trip they found some swallows making up large commununities under the overpasses. Hubby took a short movie for me to share of the bird antics. When I heard Hubby was going to Kansas it made me think right away of a blogger in our OutDoor Bloggers Summit membership roll. A young Kansas woman sweet on the outdoors, who shares that love with all of us over at the Deer Passion blog. If you have a moment, stop over and say "Hi" to Deer Passion. Let her know CDGardens from Timber Life sent you. ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sadie Says - Mole Patrol

Hello Ladies and Gents! Sure has been a while since I stopped by the computer to send off a note...This weather has been so inviting - I need to go outside and play.. My Mom caught me in action this afternoon. Walk anywhere around our yard and you will see these raised pieces of grass, tunnels , tunnels and more tunnels. Being a dog, I just can't leave the loose dirt alone. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to walk on by when I hear something going on under the ground. Stopping to listen, I strike my pointing pose, then Mom knows for sure what is going to happen next. The same thing happens everytime - sticking one front paw into the dirt pulling out a scoop of dirt, then the opposite front paw goes into that glorious cool, soft, dirt. Soon my mouth gets involved with pulling the grass out , my nose goes into the hole and I keep on opening up the ground.I usually have a blast moving dirt like a shovel. Pretty soon my mouth is so full of what has now become mud that I can't close my teeth. Heading inside I have to get a drink so my tongue won't stay glued down.
Today turned out differently...The Mole is M-i-n-e!!! ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Bears in Iowa ?

(Photo by Todd Waterman - Published at The Decorah Newspapers site)
This black bear was seen near Castalia on Monday, June 8th,2009. Reports by two individuals of their bear sightings was confirmed by Winneshiek County officials. The bear looked healthy as it made it's way out of Winneshiek and into northeastern Fayette County.The Sheriff’s Department is telling people to keep their distance, not to frighten the animal,preventing it from becoming defensive. It looks like there are more and more sightings of single bears in different sections of the state. One can only speculate from what direction they are arriving. Often it is believed they originate from the Minnesota/Wisconsin direction, and now it is being thought that increasing populations in the Ozarks are expanding northward. Whatever the cause,seeing a Black Bear in Iowa is not an everyday occurrence.

I know I am not ready to co-exist at Timber Life with those critters. Guess I can change if the need arises. Ahhh, the bear skin rug I need to put in front of our fireplace when we build our new home. ;) Iowa DNR report 2002. May 29,2008 North Liberty,IA. September 11,2008 KCCI News in Des Moines, IA reported a Black Bear sighting in Atlantic,IA a southwest Iowa community not far south of Interstate 80. They reported there had been bear sighted in six Iowa counties by that time, up since the last sightings in 2005.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Altoona Bass Pro - Update

Bass Pro ShopBass Pro Shop West side Progress is being made at the Bass Pro Shop in Altoona, IA. The top picture was taken this past Sunday evening, May 31,2009. As you can see in the picture immediately beneath, things were just beginning to be enclosed in February. What a difference three months can make... Bass Pro ShopBass Pro Shop Full Front It is impressive to see the character being given to the building by the materials chosen to cover the structure.
Passing the Bass Pro Shop in Council Bluffs, on our trips back and forth to Lincoln,NE. a couple of times in the last year, left me to wonder what they might decide would fit the Altoona location. The Council Bluffs location reminds me of a huge log lodge, a very inviting site. The Altoona store looks like pine siding on parts of it from the Interstate. Presently, I can only speculate until I get a closer look. Bass Pro Shop A job fair was planned for June 1st-3rd, to begin the search for the nearly 300 full and part-time staff . The invitation to people of the outdoors to become apart of the workforce whether you are a teenager, or a seasoned pro, is being heard over all the local news media. They are looking for individuals to work in the main store, 10 lane Bowling Alley and the Grill section.
Mark your calendars for the Grand Opening scheduled for Thursday, August 27th,2009, if you live close-by, or will be passing through the state on your vacation. I know I plan on being there to check out the inventory and getting pictures to pass along....;)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

"UP"- Movie Review

Today, I would like to share my opinion of a movie that from all outward appearances might appeal to children 7 years and older. There is alot of color and continuous activity so if you need to entertain younger brothers and sisters they too might find the movie an enjoyable experience. Hubby and I enjoy checking out flicks in the theater that might be good to give our grandchildren when they come out on DVD, or add to our library when we have sleep-overs. This movie is about an old man, Carl Fredericksen, who made a promise throughout his life to his childhood sweetheart/wife to visit a faraway place together. The idea to explore was brought about by the tales of an an adventurer they both admired greatly when they were children..."Cross his heart." To my surprise I saw a cameo shot in the movie of a deer that reminded me a whole bunch of Deer Camp Blog'sThunderhoof. You'll have to go check out this movie no matter your age. We saw plenty of other couples young and older without kids, but if you would rather...I bet you know a youngster that would enjoy an afternoon matinee to make you legal. Hubby and I give it five stars - the best rating. ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fishing Story?

Time to laugh over the experiences we have had in the whole two times we , Hubby and me have taken the opportunity to go fishing. In order not to be out of tune with what bait or lures that were being successful on the body of waters in the state I keep checking out the Iowa DNR reports.
Red Rock Reservoir Crappie - Good: Crappie fishing is good in the Marina and below bridges. Fish are good sized at 12 to 14 inches
Our second fishing trip took us to the Lake Red Rock area around Knoxville off IA Highway 14. It was time to stop at Wal-Mart and pick-up a bucket to bring home the catch to be cleaned. While Hubby was getting a bucket he ran into a local fisherman...they talked for a while. He asked what we were fishing for - Hubby told him "Crappie" of course. The fisherman was after catfish. The fishing report,the fisherman and proprietor of the bait shop all said that 15" crappie were being caught on single hooks with minnow under a bobber. No need for a boat because both crappie and catfish were spawning. This is one of the submerged roads that was taken out of use when the lake was filled. Our first fishing spot was in a backwater close to a road deck much like the one in the picture. The road deck was empty when we passed it on our way to the bait shop, but the people in front of us at the shop had the same idea as we did. They caught a catfish and three good sized crappies before packing it up. We didn't catch anything because of the shallow water we had decided to try for the first stop. Off to the spot which was suggested to us to try by the fisherman;) Backwater to Lake Red RockWe stopped here to spend a couple hours casting and retrieving. Then letting the bobber float for while...Watching the water direction we thought it would go downstream but ended up heading upstream instead. The wind,waves, underwater formations all had their effects on why things ended reacting how they did. Berkley PoleHubby was preparing to cast for the last time before we decided to call it a day. The man fishing around the trees arrived not long after Hubby left that location. We don't know if he saw success because we left shortly after he came. The boat on the far bank had been there well before we arrived. They weren't seeing any bites either. ThirdPart2This section of the river was just to the north of the parking place for the cars. I put my pole away and grabbed the camera because I wanted to try to get a picture of my missing fishing equipment. Before I snapped the picture I saw a small mouth bass break the surface after a bug...Ugh, too bad I didn't have a line in the water. Maybe it would have taken a variance on bait and bit my hook. I can dream... Far BankMy bobber ended up on the far bank when a very strong strike took off. My line broke just above the bobber with a single hook and minnow floating below. I was after Crappie with a 10 lbs line.I believe I would have had a catfish had I been able to reel it in. It was disappointing that I didn't get to see what was behind the attack. ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day History

I posted this last year but would like to share it with you once again in honor of those who continue to serve to keep our country free. Today is a day to give our men that served in the Armed Services and gave their lives for the safety of our nation some remembrance. Going back to the beginning of the yearly, what we now see as a holiday, began as Decoration Day. Beginning back on 1864, a Mississippi ladies group began decorating graves of the Civil War fallen. On April 25,1866 a ladies group from Columbus,MS decorated the graves of both Confederate and Union soldiers to help begin the healing process of the past war. It wasn't until 1868 that a specific remembrance was declared. ( in Chief John A. Logan credited his wife,Mary, with implementing the commemoration. In 1882 the name Memorial Day took the place of the original Decoration Day. May 30th was the day set aside initially . Then in 1971, President Nixon declared that it will be celebrated at the federal level on the last Monday of May, thus our present day off work for some. As time goes on it seems that our interpretation of national holidays in commemoration of lives given by our Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins and friends are not being observed for its original intent. Maybe unless it touches us directly we don't fathom what it means. Just a few tidbits of information on how our country instituted the Memorial Day holiday. A holiday that still remains as a day set aside for bringing back the memories of lives lost in the protection of the idea of Freedom...