Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Decorah, IA Eaglet D12 Electrocuted

 Sad news, of the loss of Eaglet D12 from the Decorah, IA, Eaglecam hatched on March 27th, he was found dead on July 3rd, not far from the home nest. The evidence at the area indicates he was electrocuted by wires close to the nest. The power company is working to  modify pole tops to keep the other raptors safer.

Officials say that siblings D13 and D14 are showing signs of knowing their brother is no longer with them.

The Eaglecam was turned off for the summer on Saturday, June 30th, to give the project time to put up new equipment for 2013 and get it tested. More excitement to come when the parents return to start a new family.

Other cams are being monitored now. Why not give a vulture cam a try? The fledglings should be ready to take flight by August....

4th of July Tribute

I would like to extend a Happy 4th of July to my American readers. Let us remember the reason why we celebrate...