Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sadie Says

My post today is going to cover a product review. Recently, I have been wanting to be the leader of my little pack when we are out on my leash. I kept getting short of breath and my Mom was always sitting me down every few feet. She was continually trying to get my attention. Telling me how much better it would be for all of us if I would just "Slow Down!" I don't know how many of my fellow canines would be interested, but my Mom has found a different type of apparatus that she attaches my leash to under my chin. The "Gentle Leader Headcollar" is what it is called, made by the Premier company. It fits snugly around my head and a piece of the lead goes over my mouth. It sure has made a difference in how I hear Mom now. Looking forward to rambling further than our immediate surroundings. ;)

Mystery To Solve?

Sadie and I made a late night trip outside before bed last night. Heard some crunching footsteps in the timber closest to the front yard...What could it be? The mind sure does jump to conclusions when you can't visualize the noise maker. On the first 1/8th mile of the drive from the house, this morning I recorded in picture the possible culprit's paw prints and scat. The second day of scat sighting in the same area. Earlier in the evening, on a walk we heard vocalizations that would be exchanged from a mother to her pups.Yes, I am pretty sure the coyote family is exploring their territory. Sure do wish they would catch some rabbit,a ground hog, ground squirrels,a red squirrel,or two...;) Coyote Puppy Prints (Circled are some coyote puppy prints impressed into the mud)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Off To Oshkosh

Hubby is presently en route on a long awaited flight. Today, a little before 1:00 P.M., the weather improved to a point where he felt comfortable enough to begin the first leg of his journey to the Experimental Aircraft Associations mecca at Oshkosh,WI. A trip northeast to Marshalltown to meet up with a flying partner would determine if they would continue onward. Next stop Manchester,IA.,to Platteville,WI. Then a couple more stops possibly before getting into the flight pattern for ultra-lights on approach at the big airfield. Hubby's craft is considered a plane,but has clearance to land with his friend, who flies a World War II replica ultra-light. Time to test the air before making a decision to head out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Bass Pro Shop Location

Bass Pro Shop announced on December 18,2007 they would be building a new store in the Des Moines,IA metro area. A public sign of their intentions became visible along the Highway 65 Bypass intersection with eastbound Interstate 80 within the Altoona city limits.
Looks like a great place for easy access. It won't be more than a half hour drive from my place. I will certain;y have to give it a test run when the doors finally open. ;)


Fallen Hickory Had some 10:00 P.M. strong weather. Sounded like a mighty rushing wind . Found some broken tree tops , leaves down, grill flipped over... That is the first survey of the situation. There isn't time to walk far at the moment. Have to get read to take my Mom for a knee surgery consultation today. The Hickory on the ground stood among some dead Red Elm until last night. Question comes to mind why the Hickory???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Old Fish???

Received my weekly Fishing Report from the Iowa DNR to let me know where the best fishing is happening. Gives interested fisherwomen and men a great idea of what is being caught with what bait. Certainly helps when you want to plan ahead and know the supplies to get before getting to the river or lake.
The list below are waterways in central Iowa that would keep me close to home.
I am sure everyone has places they have found to give them the best results...maybe even not to far away from the backporch. Don Williams (Boone): Crappies are biting on jigs or minnows fished in ten foot of water. Big Creek (Polk): Bluegills are biting on night crawlers under a bobber fishing out from shore. Crappies are being caught on jigs drifting in 9 to 12 foot of water. Walleyes are biting, but sorting is needed – there is a 15 inch minimum length limit. Raccoon River ( Dallas ): Catfish are being caught on stink bait and chicken liver. Beaver Lake ( Dallas ): Bluegills are being caught on worms and catfish on cut bait. Saylorville Lake (Polk): White bass are still being caught at the pump station and below the Big Creek Spillway. The water level keeps dropping and more and more fish are being caught in the main lake. Look for sea gulls or fish hitting the surface – fish the windy side of the lake. White bass and catfish are being caught below the dam. Des Moines River (Polk): Catfish bite is really starting to turn on. Yellow banks, Runnels, and Beaver Creek have been some good spots. Red Rock ( Marion ): White bass are really biting. Best spots are below the dam, Highway 14 Bridge and Teader Creek Bay . Use small crank baits and in line spinners most fish are being caught out in the main lake. Catfish are being caught on the old road bed. Rock Creek (Jasper): Bluegill are slowing down – worms are the best bet. Catfish are still being caught on stink bait and cut bait. Crappies are biting on jigs in 6-8 foot of water. Hickory Grove (Story): Bluegills are biting with a worm fished under a bobber. Crappies are being caught trolling or drifting small jigs or crank baits. Some catfish are being caught on crawlers or cut bait. Easter Lake (Polk): Bluegills are biting on worms and bobbers. Catfish have really turned on and are being caught on stink bait and chicken liver. Lake Ahquabi and Hooper (Warren): Shore fishing has been slow but catfish have been biting on worms. Crappies and bluegills have been biting on tube jigs fished next to rock piles out of boats. Mariposa (Jasper): Bluegills are biting on worms fished under a bobber. Catfish are biting on worms and chicken livers. Contact: Ben Dodd (515)432-2823, Ext.108, for information on the above area lakes

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturn SC1 VS Deer

In one lane Highway 14, Marshall County Iowa, Hubby's Saturn SC1 encountered a conflict of interest last night on his way home from his Experimental Aircraft Association meeting. Two entities trying to share the same space at the same time. Hubby said he came upon the back-side of a deer in the middle of his lane before he was aware of its presence,it went up and over. This is the first deer that had a total impact with either of our vehicles. Years ago, Hubby had a side mirror removed by a side attack of a deer while driving a few miles to the east of us. I myself haven't collided, but had a few close calls. Damage was relatively light given the after dark collision. Crumpled the hood leaving a mid line dent, rearranged the front fender, moved the alignment of the left headlight...The deer was not to be seen after he stopped to assess whether the radiator was functional to make the trip home. We consider him fortunate to be able to continue to drive the car. So many people have cars taken out of commission with their car vs high deer population accidents...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sadie Says

Another weekly installment of "Sadie Says" coming right up! Been a couple of weeks away from the keyboard . Where to start? Mom has been working outside more lately. She is starting to take me with her when she is in the yard close to the house. Have to get used to following her around. The decision to pick some raspberries at the edge of the yard left me to sit, OR to expend some of my energy. Did a little bit of both. For a few minutes I picked raspberries off the canes closest to the ground, while Mom got the berries at the top. Then it came to me to make a game out of the whole thing. I became an explorer. Dense weeds and brush - no matter! Didn't get to far away before I lost sight of Mom. (not to hard I'm still kind'a short) Really don't go very far yet , need my Mom to keep me happy. One of the bad things about heading into the weeds. I have to sit still and let the hairbrush take out all the round little seeds I got stuck in my ears when I get back into the house. EEEEK! Hate that thing!!! After a full day of keeping Mom occupied, time to stop, and enjoy the sunset...Hope you all have a few minutes to stop and enjoy what nature has to offer. Be seein' you around. ;)